During the walk, there are a series of revelations. Those moments of discovery are mind-cleansing. They focus you, give you that moment of clarity you need to make those important decisions.e Via Francigena (the French Way) is a long-distance walking pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome. During the first millenium, Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem became the Holy places of Christianity and the Via Francigena became a central thruway. Many pilgrims taking this route would reach Rome and then continue on to Jerusalem. Our path will follow a section of the Via Francigena from Siena to Civita di Bagnoregio, just outside of Lago di Bolsena! This pilgrimage route consists of walking along roadsides, over bridges, hills, and numerous paths, surrounded by beautiful fields, woods and streams in the stunning Italian countryside. The walk is not overly challenging, allowing anyone with an average level of fitness to participate.

There are many flat roads and paths with intermittent hills and slight inclines that can be traversed without too much challenge. All along the journey, there are plenty of magnificent sights —churches, cathedrals, towers and castles, and, of course, the incredible landscape of Italy. This walk is very rewarding, as the countryside and towns provide a refreshing, continual change of scenery throughout the journey.

This experience is designed for adults of all ages with average physical fitness who want to walk through beautiful countryside, engage in interesting conversations with fellow walkers, and have reflective time away from the usual daily routines.  Previous experience hiking is not necessary. This is not an endurance test! Previous participants tell us the balance of walking, new experiences, and reflection helped them feel refreshed, alive, and ready for the next day!

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