Did You Know That You Can Rent Private Islands? Check out the Top Destinations!

How wonderful would the experience be if you could have an entire island to enjoy with your family rather than booking a hotel? It is now a trend to rent your own island to enjoy the vacations. Here is a list of the best private islands in the world where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and explore nature while enjoying to the fullest:

North Island, Seychelles

If you are spendthrift, then don’t look for any other place than North Island, Seychelles. The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William honeymooned here. The island stretches over an area of five hundred acres and is named as “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”. This 11 villa island provides you top level privacy and you would not find any other guest during your complete stay period. There are white sand beaches on the left and right side of the island along with other facilities like gym, spa, and library. The chef interacts with each guest and cooks according to his/choice and that is why it is called ‘no-menu’ system.

Miavana, Madagascar

Madagascar is known for its amazing endemic greenery and plant life that can’t be found in any other part of the earth. Miavana is a private island spread over an area of 37,000 acres. 14 gorgeous villas are constructed for accommodation at the island. The tropical rainforests and the view of turtles in the white sand beaches will give you a wonderful chance to explore nature. Unwind yourself with world-class spa at Miavana Island. Every villa of the island provides ocean views, private pools, and access to the beach.

Zadar Villa, Croatia

Croatia is considered as one of the hottest coastal destinations in the world. The place has a little island that can be reached by traveling a distance of 1.25 Km offshore from Zadar town. A beach is accessible from the bedroom and you can get to enjoy in your own gardens of palms, orange, olive, pines, lemon trees and also pomegranate bushes.

Petit St. Vincent, Grenadines

If you want to spend time on an exceptional private island by completely disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world, Petit St. Vincent is the right place. It is located at a distance of 40 miles from Grenadines in south direction and you can reach the place by a private boat or plane. The villas are decorated beautifully with indoor and outdoor dining areas, plush beds, sun decks, and a few villas even have beachfront gardens.  

IIha Grande, Brazil

IIha Grande actually has two islands and a bamboo bridge connects the main Italian-style house to the smaller island. The main island has a 4-bedroom house and the smaller island has a two-bedroom house.

The list of private islands is long, but the above-mentioned islands are the best ones. If you are fed up with the hustle-bustle of daily routine, just take a break and rejuvenate yourself by renting a private island.

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